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At Marsonus Bass, we believe the true quality and beauty of Australian tonewoods can never be underestimated or understated. Located in Port Macquarie, Marsonus Bass crafts custom, handmade bass guitars using only Australian timbers.

Australia’s vast variety of landscapes have developed timber species which are comparable and, in our opinion, better than many traditional instrument timbers. Home to some of the hardest, most durable, strikingly beautiful, and best sounding tonewood timbers in the world, Australia is a rich source where tradition can be confidently challenged.


Our vision at Marsonus is simple: To provide bass players with handmade bass guitars crafted with the highest quality native Australian timbers. The tonewoods we use are first and foremost sustainably sourced. Every piece is hand selected from the finest boards and matched to exacting specifications to bring out the beauty of the amazing instrument that is the bass guitar. Add high quality hardware and a choice of pickups and electronics to match your tone and playing style, and you have a dream bass that is unmistakably Marsonus.


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